Sunday, May 31, 2009

UP...the movie, not the direction Will haha

Okie doke. well today I saw up with my dad and sister and it was so sweet. I would reccomend to see it. I'm such a sap..I cried 4 times throughout the movie. UP is about an old man looking for adventure and one day he is asked to leave his house and live in a retirement home. Well, Carl wasn't going to take it. So, he sends his house airborne with thousands of balloons. A Wilderness Scout named, Russel, tags along. They go on a marvelous adventure through South America and come across a talking dog, Doug, and a huge bird, who Russel names Kevin. This odd group soon come in contact with trouble when Carl's hero, Muntz, shows an evil side to him. I loved this movie and hope you do too. Thanks for readin'!


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