Sunday, May 31, 2009

Scary Funny haha

On Friday I saw Drag Me To Hell with Holly, Brynn, Maddie, and a few others haha and it was scary in the beginning but started getting very funny. haha Well it was about this woman named Christine Brown that works at a bank as a loan officer. She wants to get promoted to Assistant Manager and will stop at what would seem nothing. A lady walks in to the bank and asks Chris if she can have a third extension on her house payment. Chris declines because she feels that that would be a more agressive choice. Chris encounters the woman again in the parking structure and is attacked by the old hag. The old woman puts a curse on Chris' button and gives it back to her (whoever is the owner of the button has the curse). Soon, Chris starts experiencing horrific things. She befriends a palm reader and he explains to her that the Lamis is the dark spirit haunting her. She does a number of things to rid the curse, but nothing happens. She ends up shoving the button down the (now dead) old woman. However,(SPOILER ALERT!) at the end she is about to spend the weekend in Santa Barbara with her boyfriend when he gives her the envolope that contains her button. Chris is freaked by this and starts walking backwards, only to fall into the train tracks and get dragged to hell by the Lamis.
Bad ending I know. haha Thanks for readin'!

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