Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Courtney (:

Hello folks. well on last Saturday I went to my friend Courtney's birthday party and I had a blast. It was super duper hot as always. The agenda was simple eat tons of candy, talk with friends, hot tub, get in the jumper in your wet bathing suit causing everything to be slippery, having peace with your inner self in the jumper (nick haha), get out of the jumper (the most awkward haha), we then proceeded to have a little too much fun with glow sticks, after that we hit the dance floor with a black light and disco ball, still in our bathing suits, and then hop back in the hot tub. People there: Me, the Birthday girl, Shannon, Holly, Corry, PJ, Fletcher, Madison, Tim, Nick, Nikki, Richard, Jacob, Chantal, Megan, Lindsay, etc... All in all, I had a spectacular time with all my friends. Happy Birthday Courtney (:

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