Sunday, June 7, 2009

the van clan :P

hello. this is a more serious post. tatum and megan here. ok. here it goes.
So, we were outside my "house" and we see a swampy green van that was covered in dirt. it was very mysterious. not to mention the helicopter circling above. well, inside the mystery van (not a cool one like in scooby doo but a creepay one) we noticed four teenagers around the age of 18. at first we thought nothing of it, just that maybe they needed a car wash. but then, a few moments later, we saw a police car go up my street, the same direction that the van went. i thought to myself "why isn't the police car going back down the street?" to my dismay, we look up my street and right in front of our eyes we see the van, parked, with the police car behind it. we thought "get some backup, and possibly a taser, or a gun if you prefer." the teens, as we like to call them, were sitting on the curb, the policeman in front of them. we thought "THHOOOSSSSEE guys? again? really? i mean really?!?! c'mon! idiots!" We immediatley thought of the worst-serial killers. haha well we expected the gun fights, you know, the flailing arms, the blood, the gore, the good vs. evil schtick. well we didn't. instead we recieved a perfectly cooperative, look through the mystery vehicle, questioning, type of thing. dissapointed, we watch as the "teens" load back into their mystery machine and drive down our street. we were carefully spying on them. haha as we walked back into the house, we decided to share this exciting adventure with you guys. our favorite people. (:
p.s. i know that this story was not quite as adventurous as Pee Wee's Tales, but we thought we were gonna share this with our faves. haah

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